Consult one of our Physiotherapists online using Face Time,WhatsApp, Skype, and phone. Assessment, Diagnosis, Managment and Exercise prescription is included in your initial consultation. Free follow up is also included.

Talk to us about your injury. AcuPhysio Team

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How does it work?

Initial assessment using McKenzie Mechanical Dignosis starts with subjective assessment.

Subjective Assessment

History of Presenting Condition

  • How long the symptoms have been present
  • Slow or sudden onset
  • Known or unknown cause
  • Progression of symptoms
  • Relationship of symptoms
  • Previous injuries
  • Last hospital admission

Objective Assessment

It is an assessment specific to your needs recognised in the subjetive assessment. This may include simple tests or movements that physiotherapist wil ask you do do. Then you will be asked questions how did you respont to specific movement.


Based on information provided in subjective assessment and information obtained in objective assessment your physiohterapist will diagnose what is the cause of your pain or what muscle is injured.


  • personalized exercise program with will be sent to you by email or to free phone app called Physiotools Trainer where you can see videos of your exercises. You will be advised how often and how many times you need to repeat each exercise.

Free next day follow up

Our physiotherapist will call you back next day to ensure you are comfortable with you exercise programe.