Lukasz Oleksiewicz

Lukasz Oleksiewicz

DIp MDT, Lic Ac.

Lukasz Oleksiewicz is a qualified healthcare professional with diverse expertise in physiotherapy and acupuncture. As the owner of AcuPhysio, a renowned physiotherapy and sports injury clinic, Lukasz has dedicated his career to providing top-notch care to his patients.

In 2004, Lukasz completed his education at the Institute of Medical Education, Karkonoski College in Poland, where his passion for treating sports injuries first emerged. During this time, he had the opportunity to work with a local football team, further honing his skills in sports injury management. Subsequently, Lukasz gained valuable experience at Jelenia Gora orthopedic hospital in Poland.

In pursuit of professional growth, Lukasz moved to Ireland in 2004 and secured a position as a Sports Injury Therapist at the esteemed “Melt” clinic in Dublin City Centre. Two years later, he relocated to Bray, where he commenced his practice, catering to the healthcare needs of the local community. Lukasz’s dedication to holistic care led him to pursue a 3-year Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture licentiate course, which he successfully completed in 2007. Following his studies, he embarked on a clinical work experience journey in China.

In 2008, Lukasz established the AcuPhysio Clinic in Bray, specializing in musculoskeletal treatments for individuals and athletes alike. His treatment approach encompasses a “hands-on” physiotherapy methodology, incorporating mobilization, manipulation, soft tissue techniques, acupuncture, and rehabilitation exercises.

In 2010, Lukasz’s collaboration with the local charity Open Door Day Centre sparked his interest in neurological rehabilitation. Working closely with patients affected by conditions such as stroke, multiple sclerosis (MS), and Parkinson’s disease, he recognized the importance of providing specialized neurological rehabilitation services. As a result, Lukasz integrated this area of expertise into his practice.

Throughout his professional journey, Lukasz has continually sought to enhance his skills and knowledge. In 2013, he adopted the McKenzie Method as a specialized therapist, focusing on the treatment of lower back and neck pain. A year later, he obtained qualifications as a Saebo therapist. In 2015, Lukasz further bolstered his credentials by becoming a certified therapist in the McKenzie Method Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, and he completed the Bobath therapy basic level course.

The year 2023 marked another significant milestone for Lukasz as he attained a Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy from the prestigious McKenzie Institute International®. This achievement further solidified his expertise and commitment to providing exceptional care to his patients.

Lukasz Oleksiewicz Dip.MDT Lic Ac. is an accomplished healthcare professional dedicated to improving the well-being of his patients through his extensive knowledge, hands-on approach, and passion for delivering comprehensive physiotherapy and acupuncture services.

Justyna Oleksiewicz

Justyna Oleksiewicz

MPSCP , BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, NDT Bobath

Justyna Oleksiewicz is a dedicated physiotherapist with a wealth of experience in private practice in both Poland and Ireland. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Honors) degree in Physiotherapy, which she completed in 2005 at the Institute of Medical Education, Karkonoski College in Poland. Throughout her career, Justyna has demonstrated a passion for helping her patients recover from a range of musculoskeletal disorders.

Justyna’s commitment to professional development is evident in her additional certifications. In 2012, she completed a dry needling course, further expanding her skills and treatment options. In 2014, she undertook a Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) course, equipping her with specialized knowledge in addressing spinal problems, headaches, and sporting injuries. However, her expertise extends to a wide array of musculoskeletal conditions.

With a hands-on treatment approach, Justyna combines manual therapy techniques with tailored exercise programs to achieve optimal results for her patients. Her dedication to evidence-based practice led her to become a certified McKenzie method therapist in 2013, specializing in the management of lower back and neck pain. Additionally, in 2014, she became a qualified Saebo therapist, broadening her scope of care and enabling her to assist individuals in their recovery journey.

Notably, Justyna also extends her services to the elderly population, leveraging her experience in various nursing homes across Ireland and participating in daycare centers such as Open Door. Her compassionate approach and expertise contribute to the improved well-being and quality of life of her patients, regardless of age or condition.

Justyna Oleksiewicz, MPSCP, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, NDT Bobath, is a highly skilled physiotherapist at AcuPhysio, where she delivers personalized care, specialized treatments, and rehabilitation programs to effectively address musculoskeletal disorders, spinal problems, headaches, and sports injuries. Her dedication to ongoing learning and her empathetic approach make her an invaluable asset to the clinic and the individuals she serves.

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