Don’t just take our word for it, take theirs:

I have attended Lukasz at the AcuPhysio Clinic the past two years in regard to knee, hip and back issues. I have found him to be a very skilled & extremely helpful physiotherapist.
He provided a thorough assessment & treatment programmer for each injury. Exercises, ultra sound, massage & acupuncture aided my recovery.
He monitored my progress & gave lots of information which assisted me in understanding & managing pain & avoiding further injury.
I would recommend Lukas as a very proficient, knowledgeable & supportive physiotherapist.

Tommy, South Co. Dublin

When I first contacted Lukasz I had been suffering from chronic Fibromyalgia for some time. It presented itself in extreme exhaustion, soreness, tenderness and pain in upper back, shoulders, elbows and skull, in particularly severe headaches and broken sleep.
The catalyst for my fibromyalgia would have been two-fold:

    1. It sounds pompous, but is true… (personality type) Trying to do too much, working very long hours, too fussy about how jobs are done, trying to “fix it” for others and tiring my body beyond the norm.
    2. I had had intensive chemotherapy for 8 months in 2003.

From the moment I had my first consultation, Physiotherapy and deep tissue massage with Lukasz in March, 2011, I knew I had struck gold. I found that Lukasz listened carefully to my problems, identified where my weaknesses were and knew exactly the type of intense treatment I required. Immediately I began to feel relief. So I embarked on a series of treatments with Lukasz. Very soon my headaches abated. I could sleep for longer and more soundly. I began to wake up more refreshed. The pain lessened. I had much more energy and I could carry on with my busy life with more ease. Needless to say, my GP was impressed.
Since 2011, I have attended Lukasz each year in order to keep my Fibromyalgia in check and whenever I become very tired and full of aches. I have also had Physio with Lukasz for sprains, strains and pulled ligaments to great effect.
Four years ago, Lukasz treated my Mum following surgery, helping her to walk again. I have recommended Lukasz to several people. He is so genuine, caring, accomplished, thorough, professional, knowledgeable and he acquires terrific results. I have every reason to be thankful to him and would highly recommend him as a brilliant Physiotherapist.

Ann, Enniskerry Co. Wicklow

I have been to many physiotherapists through the years, as I have multiple issues. I have found Lukasz to be highly qualified, highly skilled, with excellent diagnostic ability. As well as being an outstanding physio, he has a warm welcoming manner, and he is enthusiastic about tacking difficult problems.

Maureen Bray, Co. Wicklow

I had been to loads of physiotherapists who weren’t able to give a plausible diagnosis for my back injury. I had trained and worked as a Fitness professional for years so I know quality when I see it. Thankfully I found Acuphysio. I can 100% say that I finally found the right Physio when I went to Accuphysio and I have been confidently recommending him to friends and family ever since. Lukasz is a excellent Physiotherapist. He is thorough, knowledgeable, caring and professional in every aspect of his work. He gives a full assessment and uses his excellent understanding of neurophysiology and body mechanics to fully understand and provide the correct course of action to treat injury. His application of cutting edge technology and methods proved to me that he stays up-to-date on the most beneficial methods of physiotherapy.

Michelle, Co.Dublin

I have been to Acuphysio many times over the past few years. I went originally with a back problem with Justyna and she sorted it out for me in just a couple of sessions And with some exercises I still do today. Recently I went to Acuphysio with a knee injury. I could hardly walk when I went in and when I left After the fist visit I felt a definite ease in the pain. After 5 visits My knee was so much better and now thanks to Justyna it is back to normal. Justyn is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and honest and I would not hesitate in recommending her and Acuphysio.

Audrey Hind

Lukasz took great care of me when I broke my shoulder whilst skiing. He used a variety of physio treatments and gave me an exercise programme to ensure I got full mobility back. Thankfully I can report my shoulder today is perfect, which would not have been the case without the services of Acuphysio.

Stuart Blackrock